Meal Providers

Prepare A Meal That Heals

Prepare A Meal (Maximum of 8 Chefs)
After a long day at the hospital there is nothing more appreciated than a home-cooked meal. Get together with friends, family or co-workers to plan a menu and prepare a comforting meal for our families. We provide the kitchen, you provide the food. Whether a one-time event, or a monthly date, we invite you to come to the House and share your culinary skills with our families.

RMHC Charleston provides 3 meals a day, 365 days a year. When you’re serving a meal, you get to experience the togetherness of our House and thankfulness of our families.

Baking Request (Maximum of 5 Chefs)
Often our families are looking for the comfort of fresh baked goodies, but are too overwhelmed from being at the hospital all day. Come into our kitchen and prepare home-baked cookies to help bring a smile to our families’ faces.

Baking cookies is a fun opportunity to include younger volunteers.

On-The-Go Meal Kits
Sometimes our families don’t have the time, funds, or energy to prepare a quick meal before heading to the hospital. The Meal Kits provide an easily transportable lunch to help sustain the families while supporting their child. Additionally, we provide these meals to all families with children in intensive care units.

Meal Kits are a great way for groups and organizations to come together as team for assembly.

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for any questions and to secure available dates. or 843-723-7957 ext 305.


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