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The Williams Family

16 nights spent at RMHC Imagine getting that phone call all parents dread. “Your child was in an accident and is being medivaced to the hospital. “ Two days earlier, Ella celebrated her 12th birthday. Now, after an accident on an ATV, Ella’s life is in danger. Life... read more

The Mishler Family

The House has reduced the amount of stress on our entire family as we moved from Arizona to Effingham, SC, which resulted in moving 2 1/2 hours away from the qualified doctors needed for our special needs children- Myranda and Gracie. Myranda (11 years old) has spinal... read more

The Croft Family

The Croft Family Stayed 18 nights here at RMHC from Myrtle Beach ‘They should call it the Ronald McDonald “Home” because it’s as if someone opened their home to you and took care of you during one of the scariest times of your life. They make sure... read more

The McManus Family

55 day stay at RMHC When most people think about McDonald’s, they are trying to decide between a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. For our family, it goes much further. In December of 2010 we gained a whole new appreciation for the company, specifically... read more

The Cebreiros Family

Cherie Cebreiros Thank you to RMH and its wonderful staff for making sure Lucas had his family for his 70 day stay in the hospital. During a tough and stressful time you all made it possible for us to have beautiful and positive memories and that is truly amazing and... read more

The Rosa Family

The Rosa Family 43 nights at RMHC Late Saturday night, August 30, 2014 we welcomed our little Paisley Elizabeth into the world and spent those first two nights oblivious to her rare Critical Congenital Heart Defect. At just 30 hours old and many tests, we learned she... read more



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